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When customers visit you to register in person do you send them away and tell them they need to do that somewhere else? Of course not! So why, when customers visit your website to register, do you send them to another website? It's like someone visiting you in person to register and you tell them:

Sorry - I can't take your money! Instead you to need to go out back where you will find a shady stranger in the alley - he'll take your money and get your kids enrolled for you. 

... or maybe it's more like you tell them:

No. You are in the wrong place - to register for our programs you need to go down the street to the tallest building - the one with all that marble and gold - go inside and pay them to get your kids enrolled. 

With 1 Dance School all in one website you can use your own website and can cancel paying your many 3rd party suppliers for registrations, enrollments, attendance, merchandise, newsletters, blog, website, domain, emails, contacts, calendars, documents, more...

With your own website you can fully customize your customer experience - unlike using 3rd party registration systems where your customers have to use the same setup as all their other clients' customers too. Having your own website is like having your own car that you can take anywhere at any time - whereas using another system is like taking the bus, or any public transit, and having to wait for so many extra stops along a set schedule and route. Sure, taking public transit might be the only way when you are first starting out, but the whole time you should be saving up to get your own car and once you have one there is no going back... that's progress and a measure of your success, isn't it?

As an owner of a dance school / studio you have so many moving parts to manage and having as much as possible all in one setup will make you more productive, more profitable, and more in control.

With 1 Dance School all in one website:

Your dancers and families and staff will all LOVE your new website!!!

You will earn more money and save more time - we promise!

Order Now or Contact Us to discuss your options and customize a solution that works for you and your dance school. Lets work together and give your customers the same great experience online as in person!

The best time to get started might have been last year, the next best time is now.

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Best Dance Studio Ever! Our daughter loved the instructors and learned so much. We'll be back next year for sure... read more

Robert M. - Parent