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COMPARE CAD: 1 Dance School vs. Jackrabbit

In CAD, the following table compares 1 Dance School Complete Solution versus Jackrabbit + Website + Newsletter. You will notice that our Complete Solution costs much less and offers so much more value! Even if you want to keep the Jackrabbit subscription service, or one like it, 1 Dance School can still help you make the most of your investments and save you even more when you are ready to upgrade to our Complete Solution.

Pricing is in Canadian dollars (CAD) - click here to see pricing in USD.

1 Dance School Complete SolutionJackrabbit + Website + Newsletter
SAVE $584 to $2,034 CAD PER YEAR and get much more value! COSTS AN EXTRA $584 to $2,034 CAD PER YEAR with much less value.
No additional fees based on number of students.
+ $1,736/year for unlimited students
Pay subscription fee based on number of students
+ $1,275/year for 101-250 students
+ $1,875/year for 251 – 500 students
+ $2,325/year for 501-1000 students
+ $2,925/year for 1001 – 3000 students
Includes complete Website with eCommerce, School Management, domain, hosting, more + $470/year for 3rd party Website domain and hosting (wix / weebly / other)
Includes easy to use Newsletter system with unlimited subscriptions abiding by all local laws and best practices with quick add tags for inserting your website content, dance programs, account info, and more. + $375/year for 3rd party Newsletter (mailchimp / constant contact / other) as built-in only sends basic emails from jackrabbit (not from you!) to active customers.
Customer email addresses are synced with your newsletter subscriptions and easy to create new lists based on enrollments and other account info. No syncing with newsletter subscriptions, need to manually export / import email addresses.
Setup & Updates & Maintenance – can either do all the work yourselves or let us quote on what you need help with. Setup & Updates & Maintenance – can either do all the work yourselves or let us quote on what you need help with.
Support & Training – work directly with the lead developer / webmaster / graphic designer / marketing expert / dedicated account representative / professional trainer by phone & internet (and in person at your studio for those close by). Support & Training – email based support with some self-help on-line training. Recommend hiring us (or your own webmaster & accountant & office administrator) to help you with integration and setup and working out procedures for managing the jackrabbit system.
Can be fully customized – it is yours to setup and further develop in any way you want… so many options! Can not be customized – using the same system and database as all their other customers.
Easy enrollment with fully automated payment options – examples (1) pay half now and half on February 1, (2) pay 10 monthly payments and add a $20 admin fee to 1st payment), (3) Summer Programs must Pay in Full. Enrollment without actual payment – payments not automated, must process manually (! this is the main reason for developing our own solution).
Automated upsell incentives when ordering on-line – examples: (1) order another program and save 10%, (2) order another 2 programs and save 15%. Can’t do that.
Different options with prices available for different programs – examples: (1) when selecting your student boys get 50% discount, (2) add costume deposit, (3) add early drop off and/or late pick up for Summer Programs. Can’t do that.
Special Enrollment for Competitive Dancers. Anyone can enroll in Auditions/Tryouts – after auditions/tryouts you offer each student specific required and optional programs which non-competitive families do not see, plus you can add custom discounts and savings for additional dancers. Can’t do that.
Customer login portal is in your own website so your customers can securely view orders, update credit card info, view student enrollments sorted by times with buttons to add to their calendars and download music and so much more – the possibilities are endless. Customer login portal is not in your website with no ability to customize the look or functionality.
No limit to number of administrative users. Your Staff and Teachers and outsourced providers can have customized access levels to website content / newsletters / students / accounts / orders / payments / programs / enrollments / and more. Can only have a few administrative users with limited restrictions available.

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Best Dance Studio Ever! Our daughter loved the instructors and learned so much. We'll be back next year for sure... read more

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