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How much does it cost?

The 1 Dance School solution is surprisingly inexpensive to setup and maintain – not only will it cost you less than anything even close to it, you will earn more money and save more time – we promise!

This solution is focused on Marketing and Sales and getting more students in your classes. Let us help you get the best possible return on your investments and be more productive and more profitable.

No matter where you are with your business you will like having options that help you get your Website and eCommerce and Marketing up and running quickly while working within your budget and making the most of your resources. You will also like how 1 Dance School offers a complete solution and every aspect of it can be fully customized - including how you pay for it.

Maybe your dance school will choose to pay more initially and have low monthly fees, or maybe your dance school will choose to pay less initially and have higher monthly fees for the first year to off-set the costs, or maybe your dance school will save money by doing some of the work yourselves such as adding your content and setting up your programs.

Some Pricing Options:

do-it-yourself set-up and updates vs. full service set-up and updates

nothing customized or written vs. fully customized and written

lower initial with higher monthly vs. higher initial with lower monthly

Choose Your Currency:

Pricing in CADPricing in EURPricing in GBPPricing in USD

Order Now or Contact Us to discuss your options and customize a solution that works for you and your dance school.

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Best Dance Studio Ever! Our daughter loved the instructors and learned so much. We'll be back next year for sure... read more

Robert M. - Parent