Customer Experience

Give your customers a great experience both in your dance classes and on your website!

This 8 minute video is a quick preview of the website from your customer's perspective.

This video shows creating an account, adding a student, enrolling in a program, checking out, selecting payment options, confirming the order, viewing account details & student enrollments, looking at another account with many enrollments and multiple students, and more. See below the video for the script text.

This video is not mobile friendly.


Customer Experience (unscripted)

We are now looking at the account page of the demo site – I’m first going to create a new account and show you how this website works from a new customer’s perspective.

Most of us, in our browsers, now have the ability to just go enter our information really quickly, so if you have that it'll typically fill in everything for you except the password fields and the following. We're also going to ask for the relation to student, such as mother, father, guardian, or if I am the student myself - in this case I'll just say I'm the father. I want to point out that even though this says province, depending on where you are in the world that could say state or county. Same thing with postal code, that could be a zip code. It's standard information we are asking here for the primary contact. We don't necessarily need the secondary contact, so that's not necessarily required information for us, but if I wanted to, I could add the information for my significant other and designate them as an emergency contact or authorized to pick up or not. Emergency contact information is required so in this case I have to enter someone so I've entered my emergency contact. We also ask who referred you to us (we'd like to thank them), so in this case it'd be nice to fill that in as well.

Once I've filled out all the information, I'm going to click "create account" and what's going to happen is it's going to send emails to both the customer and admins letting them know they have a new account, and it's going to create a new account. Right now this is what it looks like. Welcome to, in this case, 1 Dance School, but this will show your school name. "Before you can register for programs you need to add your student(s)" - so let's start with that. I'm going to add my student, let's add Jane and I'm going to give her a shirt size, in this case. You can add whatever fields you want here. I'm going to select her date of birth, gender: female, allergies: no. I have to fill in all these because they are required but if I try to save before filling everything in I get an error "does this student require medications?" so I'm being forced to answer that. In this case we have a mouse-over or a click-on that shows us more information: "Does this student have any medical conditions? If so, please provide details in the notes below". In this case I'm just going to say no I don't have any, and I'm going to click save.

This creates the student account and we go back to our account details page and now you can see I have my student listed under my student enrollments. I don't have any enrollments listed yet. I can click on this and go back and edit this student, or I have some buttons here to help me register and enroll in the different programs that you have. In this case we have a button "enroll in programs for age seven years", we calculated that so there is no thinking involved and I can just click on that and get started. We could have other buttons, for example we could "audition for competitive programs". In this case let's start with this, when we click here we go to our age category for seven years or we can go somewhere else. In this case I'm just going to register for the acro. Notice here I have a lot of information that helps me, see this is just the pricing for the monthly payments. I can go and add this to my calendar, if I have a google calendar I can click here, if I have any other kind of calendar I can use the iCal (like outlook or whatever). if you clicked on that you notice that I can easily add this and sets it up for the whole year and that's a great way to get stuff in the calendar. In this case, I can pick my student, there is only the one that's qualified for this one here. If I had another student 6 or 7 years old, I would have them to select from here, in this case. I'm going to select Jane and I'm going to add to cart. I get a pop-up message that says I can add more and save more money. 

In this case, I'm just going to proceed to checkout and now I'm on the cart page. Notice that this is a single page checkout so even though I have everything here, I can go and edit my contact information, I can delete it or add more ... all I have to do is select my payment. I could select a full payment, I could select eight monthly payments so if I clicked on that it would give me the ability to fill all this stuff in it and shows me what my first payment is, what my next monthly payments are, and starting then. In this case, it's a test so I'm just going to use the test one because it goes through quicker. I could go and take a look at the terms of service, I'm just going to select yes I accept them and I'm going to confirm purchase. Now what happens is it will try the payment if the payment is successful its going to say "thank you for your order". If the payment was not successful its going to say "sorry but your order is pending payment".

Now you will see that its got the order created, I can go take a look at my order if I wanted to, but you'll also notice under my student enrollments I now have this one program enrolled in. I can go and take a look at that program now that I'm enrolled because I can click here to view the item details. I can also go back and see the order. If I actually went to take a look at the order item, now that I'm enrolled, I also have information that's only for us and people that are enrolled so the following media is for enrolled students only so I could go take a look at the music and if you had videos I could go and play all the videos, and again I can register for other students if I wanted too.

Typically as a customer you're always going to be coming back to your account details page and you notice that we have other information that we're going to show at different times of the year, for example, right now the costume fee isn't due yet but when it does become due we can add it here and we can ask for more information at this point. I also have my subscriptions here, see I'm in the Newsletters and I'm automatically added to the Wednesday subscription because my class is on a Wednesday. I also have the rest of my login & contact information so I could update that and change my email address or whatever anytime I wanted to.

I'm going to log out and then log in quickly to show you what it looks like when I have more students. Let's go and log in as my other test user and you see that when I go visit my account details page you see what it looks like when I have more students. In this case I have several programs listed and notice they're listed by Monday then Tuesday then Wednesday and by the time, so it makes it really easy for me to see where I have to be at what time - which is very helpful. I also have the ability to go and add different things like I can invite Justine to the exams so there we can add them specifically to their own exam schedules or whatever else you want to invite them to specifically, just as an example. Again we have this stuff programmed so, in this case, you have to be over two years old to enroll in program so we have custom messages for that as well.

We can also go take a look at all our student information so if I had several students you can see I can come back here and I could go and edit any one of them at any time I wanted to. I can also go and take a look at my order list so let's say for example I can see all my orders. Let's go take a look at this one, you can see there is the programs, I can go visit those programs, I can see who they are for, I can go take a look at my order history and I can see that this was a recurring payment with nine installments, this was my first payment, there is my monthly payments. So I have all that information here too as a customer. I can also go take a look at my payments, I can take a look at if I have any active payments they are going to show here. They are also going to show specifically any payments that have already gone through, so again your customers can go and see exactly what they need without bugging you. They can also go and securely update their payment card by clicking this and it opens up another form directly with the payment system. So all this stuff is hands off at this point. We could also edit our subscriptions and see our mailing lists and and have custom information just for our customers. In a nutshell that's it. So everything is on one page and easy for us to go through and get to and update all our contact information if we want. So that's the customer experience.

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