Visitor Experience

Using any device, your visitors quickly find all they need to decide your dance school is right for them!

This 5 minute video is a quick preview of the website from your visitor's perspective.

See below the video for the script text.

This video is not mobile friendly.


Visitor Experience Script

We are now looking at the home page of the demo site – notice how this website is designed to give your visitors instant gratification, so in a split second we see that, yes, this is definitely a dance school - and from your address and phone number, yes, this is in my city and there's your phone number so I can call you right away and that's a great start! Next, I notice the ‘Call to Action’ with an incentive to SAVE 10% or more – Register Now! with buttons to guide me in the right direction. In my first glance I also see the slider images and intro text below which reinforces that this website has what I’m looking for.

Notice that the colors, fonts, logo, pictures, and content are all going to change to fit how you want to represent your dance school. For example, your home page could look something like this, or this, or this. As a visitor, when I scroll down your home page I’m presented with a well written intro, recent Facebook posts, most popular categories & pages, current blog posts, a little bit about us, some testimonials, partnerships, and more of what best sells your school.

OK, back to the demo site. Notice how clicking the address, or ‘contact’ or ‘contact us’ does not waste my time by loading a new page – instead I’m taken to the bottom where I can immediately see your map with directions, your office hours, your contact info, and more.

Notice at the top of the screen the main menu follows me so I’ll never get lost and I can quickly find exactly what I’m looking for. I can also click this up arrow to get back to the top.

This website is also “responsive”, meaning that it looks & works great on any device.

Notice how the content on the page adjusts depending on the size of the screen. For example, this is how it looks on an iPhone – notice how every aspect of this website is designed so it is easy to read and we can quickly find what we are looking for.

Now that we’ve seen some examples of different colors & branding and seen how this website looks and works on all devices – let’s look at how this website has all the information a visitor needs to decide that this is the right school for them.

As a new visitor to your website, I first want to know more about you - so I’m most likely to look at your About Us pages next … these pages are your opportunity to give your visitors a warm fuzzy feeling that this is the right school for their students … where we show them who you are … images of your facilities … how well organized you are … your staff, programs you offer, parents handbook, recital info, calendar, blog, FAQ, newsletters, and testimonials showing how your families and students LOVE your school.

When a visitor is reassured that you are legit and others love you too, they will begin to look at specific programs for them … and this is where this website really shines! In only a few clicks a new visitor will find the programs they want, create an account, and - just like that - you have another new paying customer!

This ends the Visitor Experience. See the next video with the Customer Experience showing first how quickly and easily visitors become paying customers – and then how they can manage their account, students, enrollments, orders, and much more!

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Best Dance Studio Ever! Our daughter loved the instructors and learned so much. We'll be back next year for sure... read more

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