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Do you have a demo site?

See EXACTLY what you are getting before spending anything! Watch our videos, test our demo site, and Contact Us for a personal walk through and consultation.

  1. We have created some videos so you can quickly see an overview of the main features Click here to see our Videos
  2. This is actually our fully functional demo site which you can test right now To access the demo site login as user 'test2' and password 'letmein' or create a new account, add a student, place an order, view your account details, and more... see:
  3. We will give you a personal walk through and consultation by phone and internet For the best possible experience please Contact Us so we can walk you through the details, discuss your options, and help you decide if this is the right solution for your studio.
  4. We will setup a private site just for your dance school so you and your staff can get started When you think you are ready to get started, simply Contact Us or Order Now to let us know and we will setup your test environment and work with you to make sure everything is exactly as you like it before we make it live. Then we will support your staff and work hard to provide great value so we continue to earn your trust and business.

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Best Dance Studio Ever! Our daughter loved the instructors and learned so much. We'll be back next year for sure... read more

Robert M. - Parent