How Do We Setup Discounts & Upsell Messages?

We can fully customize our discounts and upsell messages based on what has been ordered and what is added to the cart. See the following information and 7 minute video for a quick walk through of how it works.

This works using the following settings and plugins for our VirtueMart eCommerce solution:

  • Shopper Groups
  • Shopper Group Rules
  • Tax & Calculation Rules
  • Coupons
  • Bonus Rules

Notice, we set this up for our clients so you won't ever need to do this yourselves - this is here incase you want to see how this works.

Video (7:24 minutes - notice this video is not mobile friendly)

To make this work we automatically assign Shopper Groups '1 Program', '2 Programs', ... to our Shoppers who have ordered the qualifying programs and have an Upsell Message show plus we have Calculation Rules that give the appropriate Discount. On top of the Shopper Groups and Discounts we have Bonus Rules that give the appropriate Coupon based on the qualifying programs added to the cart and show additional Upsell and Congratulation Messages.

In this example we are using the following Discounts per Family (copied from Terms):

The more recreational group programs you order the more you save! Your current order plus all your orders within the current school year are used to calculate how much you save. Merchandise, Exams & Summer Programs are not included in the calculations and are not discounted. Your savings accumulate so your next order will show the additional savings and ordering all at once will save the most as everything on the order receives the full discount:

  • SAVE 5% with 3-5 recreational programs per family
  • SAVE 15% with 6 or more recreational programs per family

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