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Competitive Family Experience

Competitive families love how quick and easy it is to enroll and pay for programs, costumes, and entry fees!

This 8 minute video is a quick preview of the website from your competitive customer's perspective.

See below the video for the script text.

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Competitive Family Experience (unscripted)

We are now looking at the account page of the demo site – and we're logged in as a family with competitive students. As you can see we always have the ability to click on a button to quickly enroll in programs for our age category. We can also go and invite our students to audition for our competitive programs - I can click on this and anyone can come along to your website and enroll in your auditions (or tryouts or whatever it is you call them) and then after the auditions you can go and provide an invite and information and let's take a look at what that looks like.

Let's say we've already held our auditions and we've gone and sent out our newsletter which simply states that because you have a competitive student, or students, in your family you can log in now and you can enroll in the programs. This is what it would look like for Jessica she's being invited into the part-time company and we can say "Well done at auditions, we would like to invite you to join our competitive program. To be in the company you must enroll in all required programs and be enrolled in at least two hours per week". We can set up specific minimum requirements for each and every company that we have and we can have different welcome packages for part-time and full-time if we want. We can also go and set each student so they have specific discounts different than what we have for our recreational programs. In this case we could have, for example, once you have three students you save 25% on the third, you save 15% on the second student, and whatever you want to do for that can all be set up for you as well. In this case, we just need to click on "competitive part-time company" and we can enroll on one sheet all our required and optional programs.

Let's take a look at what that looks like for our next student. So Jack here has been invited also to the extra work. You can see "well done at auditions ... you must enroll in all required programs and in at least six hours per week". So this is different because this is a full-time package that we're offering him and we're also offering him extra work so you can see that he's got extra work added here too and you can see, in our case, extra work is for solos, duos, trios. You can see that there's some solos and duos, trios that he is being invited to. Let's just take a look at what this looks like so notice that he's got two required and several optional and if we go and we click to join our competitive junior company you can see here "Congratulations Jack" so this page is set up for this specific student as we've invited him to these programs. We've also offered extra work so that shows up here as well. Your intro paragraph could say something like "before continuing please read the following welcome package and extra work information documents and consider the level of commitment that is required to continue registering and participating both parent and student understand and agree to everything contained in welcome package and extra work information". What's important here is that we have to accept this to continue. Once we've accepted this, we're offered our optional and our requirements are here, we can't actually change these, but we can now add this to cart. So I can go and select my optional and this and this and add that to cart and check out and pay as we normally do. So let's go back and take a look at what it looks like after a student has already enrolled in our programs.

Let's take a look at Jasmine. Jasmine has already registered for some programs. She's registered for her solo, she's registered for some optional and all her required - and you can see now at the bottom that she has met her minimum required hours - and the message now changes to "welcome to the competitive dance team". We still provide their information packages and so they can always get at those, and these are typically PDFs so it makes it easy for them to print off and get at later, and easy for us to manage as well. Let's take a look at how this works. So now that they are enrolled in their programs, we also want to make sure we're collecting the costume fees and the competition fees after the fact. Typically we don't show these right away because we register and we start our programs in August or September and we want to let everyone settle in for a couple of weeks, make changes, make sure they're happy with their programs before we ask for this. Let's take a look at how we can do our costume fees (and our costume deposits if you want). In this case, with the solo we're going to allow our customers to actually provide their own costume as per our company specifications - they could still buy the costume before the deadline and we will still provide that for them. We also want to point out is that for a solo when it comes to the competition fees we might have a competition just for solos so notice that the other group programs don't have this competition fee available to them. The competition fees can also change depending on which competition you have or what you're actually enrolled in - so obviously solos are going to be a little more than your group programs. Also notice that when it comes to the way we have it right now, is we're going to let everybody order and pay everything right now, which is easy. You could instead have it so that this is due in September 15, this is due October 15, this is due November, this is due December - if you wanted to. We could also set up costumes so you don't have to actually pay the whole fee at once you could do a deposit and then once you know the full costume value you could go and invoice that after the fact - which adds a lot of extra work for us.

Let me show you how I do it here because it's probably the easiest way for everybody - you just need to have a good idea of what your costume values are when you start. Let's take a look at what it's like to order a costume. In this case, it doesn't matter which one I click on. I don't have to click on all of them, I only have to click on one and I'm going to go see my costume fees and all I have to do is click accept, as we did before. In this case, all my required costume fees are there depending on what programs I'm in. Each one of these could be different and you can set that up yourself. I could also optionally want to pay for my solo costume as well right now, but I'm not going to do that. So there's my costume fees, all on one page. Let's add that to cart and that's done.

Let's go back and take a look at my entry fees. Again I don't need to click on every single one of these, I only need to click on one of them for each student. In this case let's open these up. I'm going to open that a new tab just to make it quick and I'm going to go and order these. I'm not going to order the solo, duo, trio just so you can see what it looks like after I've ordered when I haven't ordered one. Let's go in and accept all these, and pay for that, do the same thing for this one, and we'll add our competition fees for this one as well. We'll add that to cart and now let's check out and see what that looks like. Here's my cart I've got for my one student. I've got all my costume fees. I've got all my competition fees. All on one order and ready to go and we've also set it up so that if you pay earlier in October you have five payments, in November four payments, and we still get all our money by our deadline of January 15. You can set this up any way you want and it's a real good way of having everything done at once and the payments are much easier for our families so they only have to pay whatever it is, in this case $348, instead if they wanted to pay it right at the deadline it would be $1740. Let's check out. I'm going to use test payment because this is a test and it's much faster. I'm going to accept the terms of service and confirm my purchase. Now that we've placed our order, you'll see that we're going to scroll down to Jasmine and we're going to notice that she now has all green. Except for the one competition I didn't pay for yet - which I can go and pay for that one later. Everything else is in green and green is good. Now that we've got everything paid all we have to tell our families is if everything is green you're good. That's basically the competitive customer experience.

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